Modest not Modest


Modest, Not Modest  Everything changes. That's a good thing. Normal is boring. 
Our world is alive and dynamic, forever on the move, forever new. Embrace it. 
Through the ever-repeating cycles of life there are some things that are valuable enough to hold on to, and some things which are better left behind in the dust.  
We believe that the modern woman has the intelligence, the nerve, the nous, the depth of character, the smarts, and the courage to know the difference. We embrace it – and more than that – we celebrate it. Modest, not modest. That's what Leenaz means, after all. 
Will you fade quietly into the background of life, hidden in the cracks, or will you live it with every fiber of your being? Do you have enough self-worth to show up for life on your own terms? Will you express your personal style, or borrow someone else's? 
Things like dignity, value, inner beauty, modesty and quality are worth holding onto in life, as long as they never become stale and lifeless. Modesty need never become dull. Imagination is like fire, if you're tough enough to handle the flames.  
Sisters Leena, Fayqa & Homa Janahi take these values to heart when they are designing and creating. They know that not everyone will agree, or like it, or even accept it, but they express themselves anyway. 

Rules are meant to be broken. Modest – not boring. 
Craftsmanship, a deep affinity for fabric and feel, attention to details, and a flair for expression – these ingredients find the perfect expression in our approach to design. But we're not prepared to leave it at that. We want the freedom to break the rules from time to time.  
Even something as "ordinary" as the cherished Abaya can become perfectly unusual, and far from ordinary. Bold move.  Our Volume 8 collection broke the mold when we dressed men in Abayas!  

Impossible! Outrageous! Unthinkable! 
And yet…. It was somehow intriguing….  Sometimes you just need to shake things up, before you disappear in obscurity. It's a challenge, it's a statement, it's a wake-up call. Who made the rules anyway? 
Do you have the self-love to be bold? 
Self-love means knowing what's worth keeping, and what's worth changing. It means knowing your own mind, and having the courage to nurture all that is you, no matter what they say. 

Self-expression means celebrating the best in you, and boldly showing the world who you are. 
Leenaz has a vision. Our eyes are set on the horizon, towards a new world where "normal" is whatever you want it to be.