About Us

Fayqa Janahi - CEO

Behind Leenaz beautiful creations are the historical roots  of Leenaz sisters. They come from a tailoring background, Abdulrahim Janahi their father may his soul rest in peace has been a tailor ever since the 60's in the heart of old Manama Souq and was one of the few on the island and their mother also had a passion for tailoring women's traditional clothing as a hobby, passing onn this gift to their daughters.

The sisters decision came to life when they could not find abayas that channel their creativity and tradition so that's when the decision has been made for them to design their own abayas, designs that spoke to a modern woman, a woman that wants to stand out and walk the beat to her own drum, creating abayas that allows them to express their individuality while keeping their traditional and religious values close to their heart.

Homa Janahi - Admin & HR

Little did they know they had an eye for modern modest wear and at that time of realisation the brand Leenaz was born in the year of 2010.

They started creating some of the best up and coming crafts in the design world. The sisters have put their heart and soul, extensive research and material knowledge to help them create the perfect staple fashion.

Leena Janahi - Designer

Available in different colors, styles, cuts, fabrics and more.  The abaya has become a sign of versatility and elegance. The sisters of Leenaz abayas aim to project through hand embroidered details and abstract designs, travelling the globe looking for suitable fabrics and handpicked material noting that everything is done by hand.

Stepping away from the norm and incorporating various elements from around the world into their designs.

Slowly expanding; each sister has a strength that keeps Leenaz going and continuing the legacy of their father in their own style.