Volume 9


I Surrender Myself to self

A zentai suit on an aerial hoop? What could it mean? What's the story anyway? It's simple, really.

This is a Call to your inner artist. This is a wake-up call to the secretbohemian that might be hiding somewhere in you, too shy to come out into the light.Our invitation: Set yourself free.

It's an invitation to express the magic in your soul, the light in your eyes, and the natural joy of your being. Yourtruest self, the one you have always known…

Why surrender to something insubstantial or fake? Why give your heart to something which is ultimately empty – just because it is "expected" of you? Instead, why not have the courage to surrender to the most important and meaningful thing, the one you know best, the one that is unique to you – I'm talking about your very own self. That's divine love, in its purest form, isn't it?

I'm talking about that inner place, where your thoughts and feelings arise, and where they all disappear again into the mystical. It's like a bubbling fountain of love, peace, joy and creativity. Perhaps you know what I mean. I know so many of you are resonating with this.

Love. Truth and Spirituality should be authentic – as should every aspect of life – for everything is creativity, and everything is Divine. Even zentai suits and hoops – everything is possible!

In this article I want to introduce to you some of the people who inspire me, and who continue to inspire what Leenaz is all about.

These are people who have the courage to surrender to that inner light. And this is something that Leenaz wants to express too.